Football Master

The weekend was coming to an end. As the sun dipped below the horizon and the lights of Vancouver started to come on around us, Sir and i walked along the sea wall of Stanley Park. A little bit ago he had gently taken my hand in his and we walked along holding hands. It was a gentle night, as a light breeze went through my BC Lions jersey that i wore. It matched the one Sir had on. We had gone to the game on Saturday night and watched them beat the crap out of Toronto, which Sir thoroughly enjoyed. After we had hit a local spot and had nachos and beer, before heading back to our hotel room for the night. i looked at Sir for a moment and he turned to me and smiled, i did the same in return. i always love looking at him in his jerseys. They fit him so good, tucked into his Wranglers. He had gotten a fresh high and tight after i picked him up before the game.

He looked at me again and i started to laugh as i know he gets somewhat nervous at me checking him out all the time. But we don’t get to see each other as much as i’d like so i take him in as much as i can. And many times i am hooded or blindfolded, so it is good to have his image in my mind.

The sound of our cowboy boots breaks the falling darkness as we leave the more crowded areas of the park to the wooded sections. At one point, when we are more alone, Sir let go of my hand and tightly grabs my ass in the tight Wranglers that he has me wear. Then he moves around and thumps the cup that i am wearing under. i have worn the cup the entire weekend, as instructed by Sir. i have been sleeping in the cup and my football pants and jersey for months. Now he has me wearing the cup more and more during the day hours. It was ok when i was wearing the looser pants and shorts but he has me wearing tighter pants nowadays. Things are showing a bit more, as i am losing weight also. Looking at us, one would think that we were two country football guys.

We continue down the sea wall path and the more quiet area, having seen few if anyone in a while. Sir takes my hand in his again and takes it behind my back and moving it roughly towards my neck. He comes closer and plants a huge wet kiss on my lips, as his tongue invades my mouth. i feel my dick strain in the cup as he pushes me off the trail backwards, never letting go of my lips and hand. Suddenly i am slammed against one of the century old trees and he really kisses me strongly. He pulls back briefly and all i hear from him is, “Woof,” as he stares deep into my eyes.

i take my other hand and feel his crotch and his very hard dick that i know he’d love to be filling my mouth or ass with. But i know how he feels about doing things in public and know we both wouldn’t be comfortable with that. He takes that hand away from his crotch and twists it behind my back with the other and pins them between the tree and my back. He leans against me, still kissing me and feeling up my cupped crotch. my dick is begging to be released. He pulls out a pair of black cop gloves from his pocket that i didn’t know he had. Sir puts them on with me watching. We both love gloves, and he grabs the back of my neck and brings my lips to his and kisses me while strongly gripping my neck with his leathered hands. He pulls back again and gags me with his gloved hand, squeezing my face and holding my nose. He loves to see me struggle with him controlling my breath.

i take in the leather smell, as it is all i can breathe. He stares in my eyes, again with a soft but powerful “Woof,” then his other hand flies into view as it hits me across the face. He whips me around and puts me in a choke hold and roughs me up some. Showing me that he is in complete control of his football boy. He pushes me against the tree, with my stomach and face pressed against the bark. Keeping me gagged and in a choke hold he takes his other hand and pushes in my ass. “Soon boy, this is gonna be plugged. No more pussy time for my football boy.” He shoves his finger in as far as the Wrangler denim will allow. He hears me moan a bit through the gag. “But that only happens after i take it boy. Your Football Master is gonna have that ass, and you’re gonna make me so proud boy.”

He toys with me for a while, then brings me back around and grabs my neck and forces me down. i think it is to do his crotch, so i start to chew through the denim a bit, but he forces me further. my face ends up on his boots. The cowboy boots we got together that makes him look so awesome! “Clean them football boy.”

my tongue comes out and i start to take the little dirt and mud that are on his boots. His gloved hand leads my neck for a bit, then he lets go and his other boot pushes me hard onto his boot and knocks me off balance, rolling in the forest ground. i take his boot in my hand as i clean it, working my way up his leg. Under the stacked Wranglers and to the top of the boot. i take in a bit of the smell from inside the boot, then start on the other. The entire time he is forcing me down with his boot and talking to me quietly about his control and our future.

He stops me after both boots are clean, including the soles. He tells me i will have to clean them again when we return to the room. i look up at him, still on my knees. i see my reflection in his nice silver Seahawks buckle. He looks at me, “Woof. Football boy, i so want to fuck you right here, right now. Open your mouth.” i do and he drops a big wad of spit down my throat. He grabs my neck and shoves his crotch in my face as i swallow. i sniff and chew his crotch, wishing i could get into Sir’s pants. He pushes me back, slaps me twice in the face and tells me to get up.

As i stand he walks out of the wooded area, after grabbing my hand and leading me out with him. my dick strains against the plastic cup that it lives in now, as we get back on the trail and continue walking.

It is a long walk back to the SkyTrain station. Sir enjoys punching me on the shoulder at times, talking about how much control i need in my life. i don’t say much, as i am trying to allow him the control he wants. i walk a pace or two behind Sir to show him that i am the boy he wants. There is so much control that i have given him. But he doesn’t see much of it since we live apart most of the time. i never believed that i would have a relationship with someone from another country, but here i am doing it. We have started talking about living together, but there is much for us to do.


As we sit on the SkyTrain heading back to the hotel, i remember back to the night that we met and a weekend that certainly brought me such happiness.

i had decided i wanted to head north to the rubber gathering in the spring, i really didn’t expect much. Most of the guys that had gone in the past said that there really wasn’t much to it. But i was free for the weekend and had been wanting to get back to Vancouver to explore it more. So i loaded the truck up with gear and started out with my friend. After a brief nervous moment at the border we were in Canada and starting a weekend that would change my life.

That night was the start of the gathering at a local leather bar. Since the theme was rubber and gear, i went in my fireman gear, coat, boots and helmet. i am very shy when it comes to the bars. Usually nursing a bottled water for hours and once finding a spot staying there the entire time. But tonight was fun, there were many familiar faces and we had a good time talking and visiting over the loud music of the bar. At one point one of guys pointed out this guy in a navy blue football jersey with white numbers. He wasn’t wearing rubber, but he was a good looking guy. Several of the guys got pretty excited over him. Saying that he had been to one of the parties in Seattle. Two of them decided that they were going to talk to him tonight. So off they went.

Over the next hour they sort of followed him around as he nursed a beer. Yea, i have to admit that i kept spotting him. Not sure why, for he would never be interested in a guy like me. He had the right haircut and wore his jeans well, could have been ex-military. He was stocky and seemed quiet himself. At one point in the night there was a raffle and as they were giving things away i noticed he was standing behind our group. i later informed our group of this that he was checking them out. So they might be getting lucky tonight. They were getting more excited about that.

Now this group of guys were all younger and better built than i. They certainly had much better rubber gear. And one of them certainly did have a football fetish and was after this guy cause of his jersey. As the night dragged on i was sweating in my coat but never took it off. Two of them headed off again to find the football jersey guy.

They eventually returned with him to our small table where i was sitting on a stool. They chatted, drinking their beers as football jersey guy was standing right next to me. Then he said something that stopped all of the in their tracks, “Dude, can you introduce me to your fireman friend here?”

i swear that their jaws dropped. And at that exact moment i didn’t know what was happening. i have to admit that those few seconds are a blur and i don’t remember how but we started talking. The rest of them just disappeared to me and i focused on who was to become my Football Sir. He really liked the fireman gear, touching it and feeling it. And i liked that he was touching me. i had a feeling that if i had touched what was under that jersey it would be firm and strong like he. What we talked about, i have no idea. Here was this guy, really great looking guy in a goatee, beautiful eyes, in a football jersey talking to me. Being approached in a bar is something that had never happened. Never! He said the word that would melt me later that weekend, “Woof.”

In talking with him, i really enjoyed it and felt comfortable with him. But the night was getting late. He said he would be at the private party on Saturday night and we would have to hook up then. And we did. Walking back to the truck with my friend we spotted him. i fucking felt like i was in high school again. Who knew what was gonna happen, but i was feeling very special. The guy that everyone wanted to be with, wanted to be with me. Wow, was all that i could feel inside. Or was it Woof.

i turned to him as the Skytrain neared the station that we were to exit. He looked at me as i smiled. “What?” he asked. Nothing was my reply. The train came to a stop and we headed to our room.

Once in the room, the Sir part of him took over. He had me kneel before him, with the curtains still open in the high rise hotel looking over the city lights. He stood before me and stroked my head with his hands. Gently he lifted my chin so that our eyes met, quietly yet firmly out of his mouth, “Woof.” There was a twist of a smile from him as i felt so safe before him. i set my head against his body and we hugged and held each other with the support we get from each. i moved and started to chew upon the denim of his Wranglers, but he stopped me and unzipped his pants. Reaching around the jock that he wore, he pulled out his semi hard dick. Guiding my head, slowly his dick filled my mouth. But he didn’t allow me to suck it. First a drop, then a light flow, his piss filled and ran down my throat. With his hands firmly on my head, “You fucking pad pig, take your linebacker’s piss.” And the flow began in earnest. my dick started to grow in its confine of the cup that i wore everyday and night and hasn’t been cleaned in months.

As the piss finished, my tongue cleaned the slit and final drops and gently Sir pulled out. He lifted my head again and instructed me to open my mouth. Then a gob of spit dropped from his lips straight into my hole. He bent down and gave me a deep and passionate kiss, his tongue filling my mouth and moving around his spit that was just deposited. i reached around his legs and pulled him tightly.

Somehow we ended up on the bed, stripped of our clothes, naked in each other’s arms. The pre-cum from both our dicks was making our lower bodies a sticky mess, but we were so warm and comfortable with each other it made no difference. After another long kiss i looked at Sir, “i have something special for you tonight. Will you allow me to give it to you Sir?”

His gentle silence allowed a nod as he stroked my shaved head. i had him stand his naked body in the center of the room. Grabbing my heavy bag from the closet i dragged it to a point just out of his peripheral vision. First i started with his cup and as i kneeled before him, lifted it up his legs to its position surround his precious balls and cock. That was followed by Sir’s body suit of black and slight padding. Next a pair of socks with white on the bottom and green on top. They covered his leg to above the knee. As i put each item on him, i gently stroked his skin letting him know how special it is for me to suit him up. Socks were followed by the padded girdle, up it slid and was tied off around his waist. The pants were next, fully padded, the shiny spandex was gold with two green and one white stripe. i looked up and him and he was totally surprised by these pants. Looking down at me, he stroked my head and gave me a “Woof, pad pig.” Lacing up the crotch tightly and latching the belt, these were official pants same as the NFL wears. my bare hands stroked his smooth legs and he was touching them also. Gently i had him sit on the bed and i put on his new Adidas high top cleats, then taped them on properly. We both stood and i brought out the largest piece of Sir’s new uniform, the complete shoulder pads, complete with back padding and heavy neck roll. The Woof was more excitable as i lowered them over his head and strapped them on. Then i padded up his elbows and forearms, followed by heavy black lineman gloves and taped them secure. Then i put the black below his eyes and he looked at me and gave me a short kiss.

“Sir, there are two things left. These are the things that make a player part of a team. Only one is made for each player and each is special, just like you.”

i could tell he couldn’t hold back his excitement much more. I reached in the bag and pulled out a full linebacker’s helmet with mouth guard and eye shield. It was gold with a green oval with a white “G” in it. Then i pulled out the jersey, green with gold, green and white stripes on the shoulders, the number was 64 for day we met. i held it up for him to see, then turned it around for him to see the back. Sewed on just like the pro’s was his last name. He grabbed it from me and held it before him. i could tell he really loved it, as he held it up to my face and rubbed it. i took the jersey, worked it over the pads.

“Sir, you are my Packer Linebacker Sir!” and i slammed my fists on his pads. He yelled a loud “WOOF,” then he grabbed me and kissed me deeply. Finally i took the helmet and snapped it on.

There before me was a vision i could have only dreamed of, my Linebacker Sir, fully in uniform of the team he dreams of. i’m not sure but i think i might have had a tear in my eye, and i think he did also. He turned to his side and started to rough me up a bit with his pads. Taunting me to tackle him as i was totally naked. He reached around grabbed me and turned me about putting me in a chokehold and gagging me with his gloves. The leather was wonderful in smell and he held it tightly as he explained to me how fucking special he felt that i would pad him this way.

He let go and told me to stand at attention. He left and went to the closet. Sir had got the room before me and i had noticed his bag was larger than normal. i heard the bag drop and soon felt a plug entering my ass. It was a struggle but i took it in with some good encouragement from Sir. Then my filthy cup was put on me, followed by socks of white and green. Next full knee braces with tight Velcro around my legs. A green full suit was put on me followed by the girdle and fully padded pants just like the ones Sir has on. This was getting weird. The cleats were very high top and he taped them one with duct tape then the athletic tape. The pads he put on me next were very heavy and totally complete. Sir explained that he had put on every option of padding on it, including an incredibly large collar. Neoprene heavy padding was added to my arms as were nice black leather lineman gloves, which were taped on after. Sir blacked my eyes and stood before me. He smiled as he held up the green jersey that matched his, who would have thought we would find the same thing for each other. my number was 64, which was the day we met (backwards) on the back, in white letters were sewn, PAD PIG. He helped get it over my pads, then put on my helmet and pumped it up tightly. The mouth guard went in and he snapped it on. He slammed my pads and yelled at me, “FUCKING PAD PIG!”


We banged pads and roughed each other up. He pushed me on the bed, face down. Grabbing a roll of the athletic tape he roughly taped my hands behind my back. Then he pulled me back up and grabbed my facemask and pulled me closer until our helmets banged. Looking me right in the eyes, “I fucking own you pad pig. This is how you will remain until i say different.”


Still holding me by the face guard, he walked me to the door and we headed down the hall of the hotel. The elevator came, we entered and he slammed me against the wall and held me there. my dick was struggling in my cup as i know his was also.

We walked through the empty lobby since it was very late, as the desk clerk stared at us. Sir dragged me behind him by the face mask. We went out the doors, down the street and continued walking. Eventually he led me to a grassy field. It was a bit wet, but not too much. He let go and let me stand, as he took a few steps back then came at me and tackled his pad pig to the ground. Over and over he tackled me, grinding my face into the grass. The smell of grass, dirt, sweat and football gear filled us both. One point i landed face down and he crashed upon me. He started to grind his crotch into my plugged ass telling me that he was taking total control, including my ass.

As the sweat dripped from under my helmet we made our way back to our room. Once inside he cut loose my hands and took off my helmet. He brought out my hood and put it on, buckling it, locking it completely including gag. Then i felt the helmet slide over the leather hood and it actually fit well. He pushed me on the bed, taping my cleated feet together, then my knees. i felt him feeling around my legs and he was able to lock something on the knee braces that kept me from bending my knees. He then taped my wrists behind me again.

Working with my pants, he pulled them down and found my exposed ass as the full suit i had on had a large opening in the ass. He gently pulled out the plug and set it in the face mask so that i would smell myself. I could feeling him moving around on the bed and straddle me. His weight began to come down on me and i felt his dick touch my ass. He has it well lubed as he gentle moved it towards the hole he was about to fill and show me his true power.

“Pad pig, it is time i owned you forever and that is what i’m going to do. You can scream, yell all you want, but you want this and i need this.”

Without warning he slammed his dick in my ass. i was very tight and he entered with the power that is he the Linebacker Master. i think he was enjoying the sounds coming from my gagged mouth and he pulled out and entered again. He grabbed my shoulders and banged them as he slammed my ass over and over again, sometimes pulling on my bound hands. i could feel the sweat covering my full leather and helmeted head. Being sightless allowed me to dream of him on top of me in his full Packer uniforms, fucking his Packer pad pig. i could imagine the sweat dropping from his helmeted head, landing on my jersey and soaking in. He loved fucking me, it is something he had been wanting to do for a very long time. For we both knew that this moment meant something extremely special, we were making a commitment for a lifetime. There would be us in pads, living like no two other men have ever lived. It was a fantasy to many, but it was our reality.

i don’t know how long he fucked me, but he was good and he was enjoying my tight ass. i heard him whisper in my ear, “Pad pig, I am going to fill you shortly. This is your Linebacker Master planting his seed deep in you. No one will ever do that to you and you will hold it in for the rest of our time together. After i am done, you are just beginning, for you are going to remain in solitary as you are right now for the next 24 hours. Helpless to me, only me, pad pig. You want me to own you, and i do. This is your life now.”

i swear that his his dick is growing stronger in me.

“Next week, you will be coming here more and spending hours in the box that i have built just for you. And when not, you will be working out. You’re gonna become strong pad pig, i want you big like a linebacker should be. You’re gonna wear your pads and suit up all the time. You’re gonna sweat like a pig, drink you Master in. i am going to work you hard. But you are going to love it, cause you need to be owned. i know you do, pad pig.”

His fucking increases in tempo, nearly reaching the climax as my dick is straining in the cup wanting to shoot also.

“Your fucking Packer is all padded up on top of you, the padded pad pig. You’re my fucking toilet pig, my fuck pig, my pad pig.”

With that he grunts loudly and i feel him fill my ass, the noise of our pads hitting each other fills the room. As he shoots he slams his fists in my pads and knocks my helmet. i’m not sure, but i think i shoot my load.

He slowly calms down, and pulls out. He slides the plug back in me and pulls up my pants. i feel him lay beside me. “That keeps me in you, pig.”

Feeling his hands as he strokes my body he makes no attempt to release the bondage. He rolls me over and opens the laces and pulls my cock out of my jock cup. With his leather gloved had he starts stroking me.

“When i control my pad pig, i control him all. You’re gonna shoot when i tell you, right pig?”

i moan yes in my gag. Then i feel another hand coming over my face and plugging my breathing. i take in his leathered hand and he strokes my dick harder and hard.

“Not until i say so, pig.”

He continues to stroke and tells me to wait, as it is getting nearly impossible. He blocks my breath, then he lets me breathe, again and again, bringing me to the edge.

Finally he commands me to shoot and as he strokes, he takes his other hand and slams it over and over into the chest of my pads. i must shoot to the ceiling! And he slows down and watches me struggle with my sensitive dick. He continues to play with me as i twist in my pads and bondage. He removes the gag slightly and coats it with my cum then puts it back in, but not before i can thank him.

He undoes my wrists and then tapes them on top of my body. He has me stand and wraps layer after layer of plastic around me, then duct tape. i am totally helpless before my Linebacker Sir. i hear his voice again.

“Pad pig, now begins our lives together. My buds will be here shortly and help me transport you to your new home. I told you that i owned you and that you should trust me, now let me show you how.”

i feel his lips on my gag.

“Love you pig, happy anniversary.” was the last thing he said as he laid beside me for the night.

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