Leather Affection

Introducing ty dehner's first novel, exploring one man's journey into leather and bondage with a creative, confident Master.

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Excerpt from Leather Affection

The boy is still bound on the bed, his ass well used, gagged, and blindfolded. His Master’s cum has dried on his back. He waits, taking in the moment to rest on the bed. Lance enters the dungeon in his full riding leathers, leather pants, chaps, Wesco Boss boots, denim vest over his heavy leather jacket, of course wearing riding leather gloves. He makes is way to his boy carrying a butt plug. He places his gloved hand on the boy’s back, which makes the boy jump and moan a bit into the gag. Quickly, Lance inserts the plug into the boy’s ass, patting it into the place. and inserts it into Sean's ass. He rubs his gloved hand across his boys’ skin, “Remember my boy, I’m in control.”

Removing the restraints, Lance helps the boy stand, then removes all the other items the boy was in, except his cock remains bound. The boy gains his sight after being exposed to the light again. He remains silent as the wet jock is removed. Lance guides his boy to the center of the room. Going to a drawer, Lance brings tit clamps and places them on the boy. The boy is surprised by the bite, his first experience with the jaws on his tits. His hands form fists to take the pain as his tits burn. He keeps from speaking but can’t help from hissing a bit as he closes his eyes taking the pain. Next, the boy is handed leather riding pants, putting them on, sliding his bound cock in balls inside them as he zips. They are followed by 18" Wesco boots and a leather button down shirt. A leather hood that has only holes for his eyes, and small ones for his nose, is laced on by Lance. It is tucked under the collar that the boy continues to wear. The hood has a small dick gag that fits nicely in the boy's mouth. The boy is then handed leather chaps to put on, then a heavy leather cycle jacket. Everything is zipped and snapped. The boy feels the weight of all the leather he has been put into. He takes a moment to catch a glance in the mirror, not believing what he looks like in the leather his Master has put on him. The smell of the leather that covers his face fills his senses, causing his cock to grow inside the leather pants he has on. Sean wants to hug and thank Lance for the leather, but he knows that would break the moment, so he remains subservient to his Master.

Lance then hands his boy a full-face helmet that has a dark shield, which he puts on. Finally, the boy puts on full gauntlet gloves and tightens them to his wrists. Lance looks at his boy, in full leather, ready for his first ride in full leathers, “You look beautiful, my boy. I hope you feel special.”

The boy nods his helmeted head, keeping silent as he is gagged. Lance attaches the leash to the collar and leads his boy up that stairs.

In the garage, the boy has mounted the bike, the leash is gone. Lance is strapping on his helmet. There are side and tank bags mounted to the Ducati. Lance grabs his boy by the collar and looks at him straight on, helmet to helmet.

“Listen to me. You are mine; you know that. You will do only as I tell you. Understood?”, the boy again nods yes. “Remove none of your gear, including the helmet until I command you too.”

Lance mounts and starts the bike, hits the remote and the door opens. With that, he races the two of them out of the garage, into the gray day.

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